Saturday, September 24, 2011

Now it's my turn

Background on myself:

If you check my Google+ account, you might not see the obsession with Google that Raghd has. In fact, i wasn't aware of Google's superiority until i got the necessary training back in Egypt, Cairo by very professional Google staff.

Being a Google Student Ambassador (GSA) is a great
opportunity for me to learn more about Google's mission, to
transfer this knowledge to my fellow AUBites, as well as an
amazing experience to develop my personal communication
skills, use my time efficiently, and become a constructive
person in my university and society.

I am a third year economics student at AUB, therefore i might not be so involved in technology (i have no clue about programming, Operating systems, etc....). I'm the senior representative of the economics student society at AUB (This is my first year), and i'm an active member of the AUB red cross club.

Besides my AUB life, I'm a First aider at the Lebanese Redcross, taking Latino dancing classes, took guitar classes for eight years and stopped this year (2011) (i could have kept playing if the DAY becomes like 35 hours), and i'm a huge fan of all kinds of sports especially football and skiing.

In a nutshell, that's all about me. Anyone who feels like contacting me,

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