Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Third Musketeer

Hello everyone!
Adding to the already amazing mix of Raghd and Imad is me, Mazen Beaini. Where Raghd is the unchallenged Google & open source fanatic, and Imad is the non-technical Googley business/economics oriented "musketeer", I come along as the technical Google-loving guy. I would've said Google-obsessed prior to meeting Raghd :P.

So who am I? I'm a 4th year Electrical and Computer Engineer at the American University of Beirut. Apart from my course work, I've got a couple of technical projects running in parallel (most of which are integrated somehow with Google). I'll probably mention them in future posts. I'm also a cabinet member of the AUBCC (under construction) and a Toastmasters member.
I love sports a lot, mostly swimming, skiing, hockey...

When all the GSAs were happily meeting in Cairo, I was starting my internship 11,000 km away. Raghd and Imad haven't been short of stories and fun events that I've missed in Cairo. I hope to meet the other GSAs sometime this year (reading this Noha :P?)

Feel free to drop me an email at "myfirstname"."lastname" or Google+ me :)

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